Are you feeling stressed or anxious? CBD can help you

Posted by Open HempShop Team on Jun 20th 2022

Are you feeling stressed or anxious? CBD can help you

Stress is a natural and adaptive response of the body to a threat or danger. However, many situations in our current life, such as a challenging work commitment, family requirements or simply the need to respond to the many daily demands, can become a permanent challenge capable of making us feel overwhelmed.

When stress becomes a problem

If these circumstances are intense and lasting over time, the physical and emotional pressure we feel can generate a mental state that leads to what is known as chronic stress. This is a condition that can interfere with our performance and generate health consequences, among which are: alterations psychophysiological, emotionals, neurovegetatives, intellectual performances, immune system and other alterations.

Stress and anxiety

Although clinically they are not the same, anxiety is one of the most frequent emotional disturbances of stress, to the point that they are often used as synonyms, since although they come from a different origin, they are closely related and can even be used together.

Indeed, a stressful situation causes anxiety as one of its symptoms, but high anxiety also generates stress. Therefore, despite their differences, chronic stress or generalized anxiety is often referred to as a set of comparable symptoms and alterations.

How does CBD act on stress and anxious states?

Numerous scientific studies and clinical trials show, with increasing certainty, which CBD or cannabidiol interacts with numerous systems of neurotransmitters, enzymes and receptors, capable of producing the signaling chemicals responsible for stimulating the production and releasing of the vital hormones in our bloodstream. Among them are dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and others, which play a very important role in controlling anxious states.

The interaction of cannabidiol with the endocannabinoid system ―in charge of keeping the body in balance as a whole― makes CBD excellent for balancing our emotional reactions and restoring normality to the changes that take place in the brain and in the rest of the body as a result of chronic stress and anxiety, which can persist even after stress and anxious states have been overcome.

Restore well-being in your life

Many people think of well-being as synonymous with physical health, leaving aside that mental and emotional health is a very important part of feeling and being well. Therefore, if you have high levels of stress in your life that can hinder your ability to lead a full life, a solution within your reach is to consume CBD.

Our recommendation

We have at your disposal oils, capsules and other presentations of CBD, capable not only of alleviating the tensions of daily life, but also of controlling stress and anxiety levels, protecting the body from the devastation caused by these disorders.

However, we recommend oils because they offer clear benefits: they are easy to dose, store for long periods of time, and offer consistent results. In particular, we suggest that when shopping for CBD for stress, you try to purchase full spectrum oil, so that it contains terpenes and other antioxidants naturally contained in the plant and available in hemp[1].

[1] The CBD products sold by Open Hemp Shop come exclusively from hemp, the genetic line of the cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% of THC (the psychoactive component of the plant) and therefore its sale in the United States is federally legal since that in 2018 the Agricultural Law was approved.

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