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CBD oil is one of the most popular hemp products on the market today, easily finding a place in anyone’s daily wellness routine. You see it available in vape cartridges at many stores, but maybe inhaling CBD vapors isn’t your preferred method of consumption.

In that case, you'll want to check out CBD oil tincture! Tinctures offer a convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD orally. Plus, they often come in various flavors and dosages so that you can find the right one for you.

How is CBD Oil Made?

CBD oil comes from extracting CBD from the hemp plant. The CBD is then diluted with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, hemp oil, or olive oil, making it easier to ingest. Some people also add CBD oil flavor to make it more palatable.

How CBD oil gets made mainly depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers use CO2 extraction, while others use solvents like ethanol or olive oil. The manufacturer then places the mixture into a dropper bottle, making it easy to take orally.

What Is the Difference Between CBD Oil and CBD Tincture?

CBD oil is a result of extracting CBD from the hemp plant. Experts then dilute the oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or hemp oil.

CBD tincture results from extracting CBD from the hemp plant and then dissolving it in alcohol. To get the final product, manufacturers dilute CBD tincture with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or hemp oil.

How Do You Take CBD Oil and CBD Tinctures?

You can take both CBD oil and CBD tinctures sublingually, putting them under the tongue and holding them there for a few seconds before swallowing. It is a great way to take CBD oil or tinctures for faster, more efficient absorption. In addition, you can also add both CBD oil and CBD tinctures to food or drink.

If you're new to CBD oil or CBD tinctures, start with a lower dose and gradually increase it until you find the amount that works best for you. Always consult your doctor before taking CBD oil or tinctures, especially if you take other medications.

Browse our selection of premium CBD oils and tinctures today to find your favorite products from brands such as CBDfx, Joy Organics, and Maga Organics.

Warning: Remember that these products have not been approved by the FDA. We always recommend consulting your doctor before consuming any of these products.

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